Shipping & Delivery


 In order to ensure ease in the delivery process, you must:

  • Provide us with clear data.
  • The delivery address should contain the number of the building, villa or apartment, street name, city, governorate and postal code.
  • The phone number must be used and correct according to the form on the website.

 We will contact you to confirm the order and shipping data, and then start the procedures for shipping the order.

 Time taken to deliver orders:

  1. After submitting the purchase order, the time it takes to deliver orders within Cairo and Giza governorates is only 3 working days.
  2. After submitting the purchase request, the time taken to deliver orders outside the governorates of Cairo and Giza is from 3 to 7 working days from the date of the request.

We cannot make deliveries during weekends and public holidays.
So all deliveries will come to your door on a weekday from Saturday to Thursday.

 Please double check the delivery address and contact number to avoid delays in delivery.

 Products cannot be shipped to an incomplete address or to an address different from the address specified in the purchase order.

In the event that you cannot be contacted / or you refuse to receive the product for any reason other than the error in the order sent to you, according to – this shipping and delivery policy – you agree to pay the delivery fee only, or deduct it from the amount paid online in my details store.

 Upon completion of the delivery, please sign the receipt to confirm that there are no defects in the delivery box or in the product.

Payment methods:

You can pay the cost of the product in one of the following ways

  • Cash to the freight forwarder
  • Via Visa Card
  • Or prepay through the website.

 Product delivery times start from eleven in the morning until six in the evening, from Saturday to Thursday.