Our Vision

About us:

Tafaseely is an E-Commerce Web site specialized in selling everything that woman needs, including household items, modern kitchen tools, health and beauty products, personal care, accessories, decoration supplies, furniture, clothes, sports tools, in addition to small electrical appliances at the best price and highest quality online in Egypt.

The goal is … That every women can  find anything she needs  in one place here in Tafaseely .

And enjoy the special offers and gifts that we offer you without shopping in more than one place to get what you want.

Online Shopping Web Shop E-shopping Concept
Our story

Dear client,

We started our first steps in the field of electronic commerce nearly 12 years ago, and with our continuity and success in meeting the needs of our customers in more than one field, and because we care about your details, we decided to create a website in order to meet and provide all the needs of women.

We are looking for partners for us, and we didn’t find a better than the woman to be our partner.

We will provide you with easy and enjoyable shopping for all your requirements, in addition to obtaining instant rewards from the site through the points earning program.

Our dear customer, we know that you are the essence of what we are going to do, and we know that the motive behind most purchases lies in emotion. You buy gifts for those you love, and you buy elegant clothes to look decent and dazzle others, so you must discover who you are in this world and what do you need to be happy.

We look forward to being the largest and most popular online shopping platform and continue to attract customers by providing all their needs and providing the best online shopping experience.

Why Tafaseely :

We are keen to provide our products online with the highest raw materials and high quality, and we are committed to delivery within 3 to 7 days of product request, this is shipping information.

We provide you with the new experience in shopping because you deserve that, we support you in your new experience and we will be with you in all your details, we will provide you with more than one method of payment through cash on receipt, credit cards and PayPal, we are keen on your wonderful experience with us

Dear client, what do you have to lose?


You can recover your money,

You can cancel the subscription at any time,

You don’t have to buy,

Free returns,

We will not fill your inbox,

In order to ensure that your partnership with us lasts for as long as possible, you can view the exchange and return policy to make sure of that.

Tafaseely is with you in every detail, whether it’s a product you need for yourself or you’re thinking of giving it as a gift.

With us….. your story is better.    www.tafaseely.com

Why Tafaseely